Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confusion at the Bakery: A Load of Ker-truffle

Salvete, my dear Punsters!

A reader's contribution today! Good to know there are so many other eager young (and old) Punguists out there.

This one is care of Daedalus. Bit of a half-baked idea, really...

Setting: a bakery.

Dude A: "Hmmm...the pies look amazing, but I'm not too hungry...maybe the sausage roll? The donut? Oh God, this is the most important decision of my life."
Dude B: "Hurry up and choose, for the love of- Screw this, I'm waiting outside."
....Five minutes later, Dude A comes outside with his purchase.
Dude B: "So what'd you get?"
Dude A: "Went for the sausage roll in the end, but I must admit, I was pie-curious..."

Chuckle chuckle. That got you some brownie points, Daedalus! Night y'all!

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