Thursday, April 22, 2010

And so it begins...


They've always been there for me, the one constant in my life from an early age. Through dark tempests and 'cross sunny shores, they have been my guide. My truth, my light. They keep me safe in the wee hours, and dance with me on summer's evenings. Never have they abandoned me, nor I them. It is with this weight of history, this moment, this WONDER, that I embark on a new voyage in this crazy, crazy world... a journey of hope, a journey of joy, a journey of epic motherfuckin' wordplay.

Over the next lifetime, I intend to post the mostest epic-est of Puns (the capital letter signifies holiness), both those that I make myself (let's face it, the purest, most perfect Puns of all) and those of others. I invite submissions, which will be given full credit. Hopefully this will encourage people to write down their flashes of linguistic brilliance, even keep a journal of such witticisms at all times, as all Punning linguists should.

Join me on this spiritual quest, and maybe, together, we can find some answers.


  1. I will join you, Word Lizard.

    Isn't it strange that in a blog about puns, so far there have been none?

    Punreal. x x x

  2. What a punderful, punderous adventure this will be.

  3. I'm going to take a punt and say this is going to be great pun... flicking off the tongue like great punniligus should...

    Pun times!

  4. Dyl, lead the way sir. Pick a punny topic to pick apart! Geez, that many P sounds, it's making me need to go to the bathroom...

  5. Two new fun-filled, pun-filled posts are up! Enjoy and contribute :D

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