Friday, April 30, 2010

Rooms with baths in them and that innit

Ahoy there, fellow Punsters!

A fruitful conversation at lunch today allowed many of us to dine out on some good Puns. One critter was espousing the virtues of sleeping and living in a bathroom alone. Another cheeky soldier commented that it'd be a bit awkward bringing a girl home, making it more difficult to "tap that". He then followed this up with further brilliance: "I mean, you don't wanna faucet..."

Hehehe. Chuckle chuckle.

Why does this post give me a sinking feeling...

Ta ra! x


  1. a pretty 'suite' scenario going on must be sure not to 'bathe' in the glory of a successful pull however, when she showers you will beautiful one night only love and then never calls back you'd be quite flush in the cheeks.

  2. Yeah, I mean, when it's as bad as that, you just have to rort the cistern.