Monday, April 26, 2010

First Punny entry

Ahoy there young Punners, and welcome to the Punder Years!

I see some of you are observant enough to have seen the irony that in a blog dedicated to Puns, there have been, thus far, none (apart from the hilarious blog title, of course). A deliberate ploy to encourage contributions that seems to have failed! Nevertheless, the first Pun has arrived.

During a recent Facebook "your-mum-off", two contributors were discussing the film Clash of the Titans. One was surprised when the Kraken monster appeared, and said: "Didn't expect to see your mum in this film." The other responded with: "Interesting, the last time I saw YOUR mum she said something like 'fill my Kraken'..."

Hehehe. Chuckle chuckle.


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