Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get thee to a Punnery!

Dearest devotees of the deity Pun (or Pun Nuns, if you will),

Today we have a fan contribution, from a mysterious fellow going by the name "Atticus". In true Roman style, we have another example of bilingual Punning wit from Atticus' past. Here's his pitch:

"My Latin and Greek teacher at school, an Englishman, still young and fairly fresh-faced from university, told golden tales of his cricketing prowess with the Cambridge 1st XI. Apparently, as captain, standing on the pitch and having just won the customary toss of the coin to begin proceedings, my dear teacher didn't just go with some Ricky Ponting-esque autopilot response. Heavens no. That would have been far too easy.

Rather, when the umpire, having witnessed the toss, turned and asked him what he would like to do, he would merely reply, in solemn tones:

"Curculio vespertilio".

In other words: "Weevil bat"."

If THAT's not a home run, I don't know what is!
Wait, I mean, a hit for six...either way, truly wicket punning. Nothing like coining a new expression.

This post does make me wonder what the insect "cricket" would be in Latin...


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