Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's All White by me!

Dearest Punsters!

Like most of our planet's inhabitants, of late I have been enchanted by the Cup of the football World. In particular, the magnificent journey of New Zealand's All Whites. So, in honour of these fiesty lads, I feel it is time for some appropriately Punchy Puns.

A few contributions from fans are relevant here!

From TJD:
"My friend was updating me on the All Whites' prospects:

'If our All Whites tie their game, and Italy also tie their last game with the same number of goals, we'll be drawing lots.'

'Yes', I replied. 'There WILL be lots of draws.'"

Wordplay. Nice.

From CRS:

Chris was discussing the All Whites' draw with Slovakia with a friend.

Chris: "Who scored the goal that gave NZ a draw, saving them from defeat?"

Friend: "I believe his name was Winston Reid."

Chris: "Winston? More like DRAW-ston..."

Tenuous...but I'll allow it!

Another commentator (PJ) observed the awkwardness of the All Whites' name in post-apartheid South Africa...Best leave that one alone.

Now I must away from the Internet to focus on a very different sort of net! ;)


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