Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A warning to us all

Dearest Punners!

How are you? Really?! That's fantastic! Boy, this Poculum Mundi (World Cup) business has seized the world by the balls and driven many countries hopelessly insane. Punning, I find, helps ease the inevitable madness. Others disagree, of course. One of our readers, Atticus, alerts us to the existence of a textbook for ancient Greek composition (a common subject these days) that includes a comment extremely insulting to us Pun-minded folk.

First, the source: DONOVAN, J. 'Theory of Advanced Greek Prose Composition, with Digest of Greek Idioms, Volume II: Part I. (Concluded), and Part II.' (Oxford, 1922) 263.

Second, the Crime: The first example sentence is this -- "Excessive punning is a characteristic feature of the poetical compositions of the hopelessly insane."

Oh yeah?! Well by that token, Mr "Donovan" (if that IS your real name), the greatest poet of the English language, our beloved Shakespeare, is HOPELESSLY INSANE!! (see post from June 16 for his Punning genius). Well, here's a poem for YOU, Mr Donovan. I hope you like it...

I was doing some Greek prose composition
When I came across words of such disposition
That I tore up the page
Violent war did I wage
And now they've put me in an institution.

Take that, Donovan!
Now if you'll excuse me, I've a spaceship manned by a dinosaur to catch.

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